Creating art in different formats has always been something I did since I was a child. ”.  I never considered myself as an artisan. I grew up in a household where my mom did it all.  It was a natural part of me because of my mother.  She was an excellent cook and baker, sewed and make clothes, crocheted, did needlepoint, made ceramics, created porcelain dolls, built and refurbished furniture and cabinets. She even took a course at a community college, when she retired to paint her car because she felt auto paint shops charged too much. I never considered her to be a crafter.  It was just something she did.  Of course, I followed in her footsteps and began to draw and create artworks my dorm rooms and apartments after college, made clothing, etc. on a personal basis or as a hobby. 

If one would have asked Mom what was her passion, she would have said gardening and planting. When my parents retired, they moved south from New York and built a home on about 1/2 of an acre of land.  She was able to have a huge garden (mini farm) and planted vegetables, flower and various trees all over her property. As her trees grew, everyone found pleasure in her flowers and trees. One day when I was visiting my parents, my father and I went out. When we returned, there was a plaque in their yard.  Seems that the local garden club enjoyed my mother’s efforts as well and awarded her “Garden of the Month” with money to purchase additional plants and trees. 

In 2014 I began to create wire and gemstone jewelry and trees as a solace during a long hospitalization of my mom.  After her death, I continued to create gemstone and trees and it resulted in several creations. The tree sculptures reminded me of my mother’s love of trees and the numerous colors found in her flower garden. I started looking at the various gemstones to use on my creations. They gave me great peace and joy as I handcrafted my trees. I loved how the tree sculptures reflected the beauty in nature and how each tree is unique. As with nature, no two of my sculptures are identical.  With encouragement from my family, I started creating tree sculptures in a variety of styles to sell. 

There are many myths and legends concerning the power of gemstones and crystals. For many centuries, minerals, crystals, and other gemstones have been used by civilizations in spiritual rituals and for their energetic healing properties. Some believe they carry there own individual quality or “personality.” While different traditions ascribe different traits to them, they are, almost always, held as sacred and used to strengthen particular energies inside the person wearing them. Regardless of your beliefs, gemstones are beautiful and fun to possess.

Whether buying for yourself or shopping for a unique tree sculpture for your home, office, a birthday, wedding cake topper, Mother’s Day, holiday or for that special someone in your life, it is important to me that the items I create will give you the same feeling of peace and fun.

Feel free to browse the site and shop. You may contact me if you would like me to create a special order tree that you do not see.